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31 December 2016

Searching For Steps

Post 1400
Blogging Day 2,830
Saturday @ six-seventeen a.m.
S slips silently up the staircase, settles in at the screen.

She is sure, she has sensed the season changing for quite a while.

S wishes there were a sassy way to deliver the news.

S   s   s   s   . . . she ponders. All is still . . . nothing stirs.

You see, her blogging voice is spent, her writing spirit gone silent.

How then to strike just the right note of a swan’s song? Succinctly.

To say simply, she prefers to be doing others things – out there.

In the world, beyond the shiny silver monitor and slick black keyboard.

Sometimes she will miss this circle of communication. Surely, she will.

Miss the talented scrapbookers and splendid bloggers who formed her sphere of scrapperie;

virtual friends with whom she shared her memories, stories, and often strident soapbox opinions!

Still, S has not a single spiel more to share, not a smidgen.

A solstice has come for Snaps & Snippets.

Start no speculation, no secret lurks here, just a desire to scribe a new chapter.

It is settled and not a single bit of solace, succor or sympathy is required, dear readers.

S is satisfied to snap, snip and scrap in her sweet little studio . . .

sans a single soul spectating from cyberspace.

Sanguinely she sends this missive streaming and skips blithely down the stairs.

S -- in search of her next steps; she leaves us with her calling card.

And a smile.


  1. Best wishes with your next steps. I totally understand your decision. I left for a long period of time once and then decided to come back. Glad to hear that the scrappy aspect still holds value in your life. All the best and Happy New Year!

  2. Aw, beautifully said but sad for us lot. I'll miss your makes x

  3. A beautiful post . . . but so sad to see yet another scrapper leaving blogland! Let's keep in touch! Wishing you lots of love and laughter, FUN and INSPIRATION, happiness and creativity as you step into a new phase!

  4. Sad news but understandable. Soemtimes, our creative ruts need a bit of a shake up, something new to spark our creative fires. Here's hoping you find that spark in a shiny new endeavor! To new beginnings!

  5. WOW, not the post I thought I would be reading when I popped in. Umm, what to say - nothing but a wish to see you back soon rather than not. But no matter, lots of good thoughts for your joy in 2017 & as I have been saying to everyone, it is the year of the rooster, so I hope we all have something joyous to crow about.

  6. I hope this is just 'farewell' and not 'goodbye forever'. When blogging becomes a chore, it's time to take a step back but I do hope that you will return in the near future and meanwhile wish you all the best for 2017.

  7. Will miss you dearly but totally get where you are coming from sometimes you do just need to take a step back for awhile :) Hugs my friend and hope to see you around soon

  8. Oh, no! So sad to see this post! Will miss seeing your scrappy posts! Happy New Year!

  9. I'll let you into a secret. I almost didn't come back myself. The end of the year seemed like a good place to stop. So I'll wish you all the very best with whatever you decide to do next. Maybe we'll see you again sometime, who knows? In the meantime, have a Very Happy New Year!

  10. I am late arriving - and so sad to read this :(. But you sound upbeat and buoyant and so it is clearly the right thing for you. And that's a beautiful smile. Wishing you well ...

  11. Say it isn't so! I'll miss my blogging friend---my only one with our shared home of St. Louis! My best to you and whatever you embark upon!

  12. What a wonderful way to sign off! Beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your quiet time, just you and your scrap room.

  13. You will be missed and hopefully this is just a break :) but I understand. Take care!